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Vinyl Tile

If you’re looking to use vinyl tile floor in your home improvement and interior design projects, you’re not alone. Tile floors are now more fashionable than ever. Tile flooring is available in a variety of patterns and styles that closely resemble natural products like wood, stone, and ceramic. As the most popular type of flooring for areas such as kitchens and bathrooms, vinyl tile floors offer many benefits at an affordable cost.

Durability and Resilience
Vinyl tile flooring offers durability and resilience unmatched by most any other flooring option. Often referred to as “VCT,” vinyl tile flooring is very resistant to rips, tears and gouges resulting from normal household use. High-traffic areas are no match for tile floors which delivers lasting durability over the life of the flooring warranty. A vinyl tile floor is a practical choice for areas of your home such as laundry rooms, mudrooms, kitchens and playrooms. You can install tile floors in any area where you expect to have high traffic and where you want flooring that’s easy to clean.

Flooring with Design Versatility
Tile floors have come a long way from the black-and-white checkerboard floors of years past. Vinyl tile flooring comes in a seemingly limitless amount of colors, styles, and textures to complement any décor. Many options are available that closely resemble other flooring surfaces such as ceramic or wood. A tile floor practically invite you to experiment! Alternate between different colors and patterns to create a unique checkerboard effect or other striking visual design or you can choose a single color for an uninterrupted visual appearance.

Choosing the Vinyl Floor That’s Right for You
Tile flooring come in a large range of quality, from inexpensive vinyl tiles to high-end solid vinyl floor tiles. With so many options of vinyl flooring available, you’ll want to make sure you choose the perfect vinyl tile solution that matches your practical, aesthetic and budgetary needs.

Easy to Install
Tile floors offer beauty, durability and easy maintenance – and something else: it’s a floor you can actually install yourself! In fact, that is the number one reason homeowners prefer a vinyl tile floor. Tile flooring is one of the simplest flooring options to install. All you need is a basic understanding of flooring installation methods and a little experience with some common handyman tools. In fact, many vinyl tile flooring products can be installed over a weekend!

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